Episode Three Group JP 1

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Episode Three Group JP 1

Post by Marks on Tue May 25, 2010 9:43 pm


Lucian walked out of the captain's ready room thinking about his order of silence. He walked over to his console to look up information about this war they where about to become the middle of. As he sat at his console, he felt the Starfire come out of warp. Lucian overheard Ensign Wanstall hail the captain and that he needed to get onto the bridge, while reading about the war machines each side of the war used.

Lucian looked up and saw the six war ships in front of them on the viewscreen and frowned. Looking down at his tactical console, he went over the war ships arsenals. They weren't locking weapons, so he presumed them to be non-hostile. Marks walked onto the bridge and saw the war vessels, and smirked slightly.

-----,"Sir they're hailing us."

Marks nodded to the Ops officer, "Patch them through on screen," Richard announced as he sat down in his command chair and took a second look at the his own tactical display on his chairs arm.

A little bit of white fuzz was heard from the comm system and then a voice came over it as the view screen at the same time flicked from the war vessels to the Bridge of one of those ships and what appeared to be a male fleet officer of the foreign fleet.

His eyes where dark pits and his facial features where mildly contorted to a smug scowl that seemed to be constantly set to his face which had several ridges to it, very similar to some Klingons Richard had seen, but they also appeared to have fairly pointed ears, similar to some Vulcans or Romulans. The male fleet officer wore a dark brown uniform with some sort of rank pip on his left collar and was a bit paler in color in comparison to most humans.

The fleet officer started to address the crew then, "This is Brigadier Ver'tuk of the Ordik Confederated Fleets, please state your business as you have entered Ordik space without first declaring yourselves and your intent here in Ordik controlled space," Ver'tuk announced in a gruff voice that hinted at long years of commanding soldiers over many a battlefield.

Richard shifted in his command chair, just a little bit nervous at this first contact for his crew with this species, "I am Commander Richard Marks, Captain of the Starship Starfire. We are under the direct command of Starfleet to come here to negotiate with your leaders your application to the United Federation of Planets," Richard announced, trying his best to give off the harshes voice of command he could give to the Brigadier across the screen from him.

Richard took the few seconds to observe Ver'tuk's expressions to try and gauge what would happen next, but with this being his first time with this species, it was hard to even comprehend what could possibly come next. The Brigadier seemed to be thinking things through in his head as a few seconds went by before he responded, his scowl seemed to only deepen during this time.

"Very well, Commander, you will be allowed to send forth a small shuttlecraft to the surface to meet with our officials on Ordik Prime, you have one hour to assemble your representatives and begin planetary descent, this is all," and with that, the face and voice of Brigadier Ver'tuk expired from the viewscreen.

Richard turned to his Bridge crew,"Well, anybody want to go have afternoon tea?"

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