Simm News...Attention everyone!

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Simm News...Attention everyone!

Post by Palfrey on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:21 am

I received this Email yesterday, sep. 9th 2010:
The USS Starfire
William Coast-Endas
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To:; Antone Lang
Greetings Commander MacAllen,

So I hear that you're also the XO of the USS Starfire, I just received a letter from Commander Marks and he has told me that he needs to step down as the CO of the Starfire. Since you're the XO there and you're also the CO of the USS Midway, I wanted to give you the opportunity to talk with the crew and if you want to, to take over as CO.

You can take over as CO of the Starfire with your XO or your CO character and then give up command of the Midway or you can move any remaining crew over to the Midway and we can shut down the Starfire sim.

Commander Marks was saying that he would transfer everything over to you to make any transition easy. Hopefully he will contact you soon.

Let me know what you're interested in doing as soon as possible.

Commodore William Coast-Endas
Avalon Fleet Yards, Commanding Officer
Task Force Chief of Staff, Task Force 58

I will leave it up to those that are still around.

I will be running the USS Midway simm.

I'm tired of running a Vulcan character, so Palfrey is gone.

On the Midway I will be running things rather fast paced. I get bored easy and like a storyline that moves.

I have contacted Commander Marks, and have offered him the AGM job. I hope he takes it.

I was almost going to give up the Midway. Hopefully, we can get this thing going.

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